Do not make me turn off the internet!


XOC3L5OUHPUSV6WESGFE6LUSARI6HYVOSo from the latest insane internet news, there is a bill trying to be passed that would allow the President to shut off the internet….

I’ll hold on until you stop laughing…

The bill states it would allow the President to seize control of the internet and shut it off to the private sector, that’s us, in the event of a “cyber security emergency.” Right now I’m trying my best not to laugh while typing this so my hands don’t spaz out.

The bill would also allow the Prez to appoint “Cyber Security Agents” to shut off private access to the internet in the event of an emergency. This is just sounding more and more ridiculous!


Cyber Security Agent at work

If you recall, in June Iran had their presidential elections…It didn’t go so well. Riots in the streets, fires, people generally freaked out. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad went on TV and said winning the election was a “Great Victory,” that’s when they tried to shut off the internet. It didn’t work so well. People were still connection to twitter and facebook, getting the word out to people about the insanity that was going on.

You can’t just shut off the internet! There isn’t a switch like in the picture above. You would have to go to each internet provider and tell them to pull the plug. Would that work? Would they willingly pull the plug on millions of paying customers? I think their profits would drop too quickly if that happened. Isn’t there some civil rights issue here? I know we don’t have a right to internet, but to stifle the largest form of communication, that would be insane. Not only that, but the internet doesn’t just exist here…it’s not called “The World Wide Web” for nothing.

Sources: Cnet and Chattabox


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