Disney bought what!?


disneymarvelI said the same thing when I heard about it. Disney has officially bought Marvel. The deal happened this morning and took most by surprise. Even the artists didn’t know right away. What does this mean for the future of Marvel?

Disney now owns the 5,000 characters that Marvel has created. Disney has already taken a look at Marvel’s video game deals, most of which expire near 2020. What they will do with them after that is unknown.

What about the comics? Nothing has been said about how the comics will be handled, as of now it just looks like business as usual. Will there be a Marvel Zombies/ Hanna Montana cross over, will The House of M be changed to The House of Mouse? I’m crossing my fingers for this one. How about the movies? Will Disney be producing the new summer super hero movies? And for games, will there be Marvel characters in Kingdom Hearts 3? Or maybe a Marvel vs Capcom vs Disney game or even Marvel Ultimate Alliance Magical Kingdom?

We just have to hope for the best I guess.

Sources: Marvel, Kotaku, and io9

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