Bloggable Music Vids – Violence is the answer…


… For really good music videos. Jack white has a new band, Fuck Buttons are getting us ready for a new album, and The Horrors new video screams shoegaze.

The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother

I really can’t tell if I like this song, the video is just too good. I’m not sure if I would listen to this if I heard the song by itself first, but who cares, just watch.

Fuck Buttons – Solar Surf

When was the last time a music video gave you a seizure? This song seems a lot more ‘musical’ than their older stuff. Do ambient noise bands just turn into experimental electro bands? Not sure, but I like it.

The Horrors – Mirror’s Image

If Solar Surf wasn’t enough dizzying eye candy, then this will surely do the trick (do not try to adjust your youtubes). [upate] I just noticed this vid was uploaded by NIN and The Horrors will be touring with them.


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2 Responses to “Bloggable Music Vids – Violence is the answer…”

  1. Gee x 3 VI Says:

    Good picks. I heard that Dead Weather album about a month ago, and thought it was alright, but I had been drinking, so I don’t trust my opinion of it. I’d like to know what some of the people in the cars passing in the background thought if they happened to see what was going on out in that dirt field. Nice effect at the end with the light shing through his bullet holes.
    Like the name of that second group. I sometimes utter their name when I wear clothes with snaps or velcro. Fuck buttons indeed. No seizure, btw, but that’s a nice track and good use of penguins.
    I thought NIN was done touring for a while, but it says that band is opening for them in May. I may have thought wrong or possibly I’m temporally confused. It also surprised me that they were still making new 80’s goth rock in 2009. Peter Murphy said he would like his vocals back. Good song though.

    • Everett Turner Says:

      I’m sure everyone was inside and peaking out the windows lol. I wonder if that vid was shot in Arizona, it looks like my brother’s neighborhood…and just about every other neighborhood there.
      2009 is all about adding shoegaze to genres we’ve already heard. Next we’ll have…. hm, I can’t think of anything it hasn’t been mixed with.

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