New Demon Souls, wait what’s Demon Souls?


Kotaku just posted up new screens and a small impression on the upcoming Atlas action RPG. Here is a quote on some of its features:

The coolest feature of Demon Souls that I didn’t sleep through was the fact that once you die, someone else playing the game online can resurrect you to fight by their side as their own personal minion. As I watched Aram play, half-dozing (so sorry!), a player came up and summoned him back to life in order to face a particularly difficult boss. Players can also leave little messages for other players, such as “This boss is a real jerk”. Players reading the message can then vote for it, with votes conferring certain benefits to the player who originally wrote the message. You can still play the game offline, but why would you want to?

Sounds super cool. Click the link to head over to and get the full article and more screen shots.

Source: [New Demon Souls Screens Arrive Just In Time]

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