Hey SNK! It’s almost the end of August; where’s our patch?!


kof12_release copy

As reported earlier, we were told that the KOF12 patch would come out by the end of August. With only three more days till the end of August, there is some heated discussion on the internet with what exactly the deal is on the release. Over at the Neo Gaf forums Liquid Swords recently posted this:

The PS3 patch was submitted on last Friday, we’ll announce its release as soon as it receives approval from SCEA.

360 patch is being tested now, hopefully will be submitted very soon

SNK P and Ignition thank everyone for being so patient; we know that this fix is greatly needed.

We should assume that the already submitted PS3 patch will very likely be available by the 31st. While the 360 audience, me included, can only wait to the 31st with bitter tears. Well I won’t be crying, I’m a man you wusses.

Source: Neo Gaf Fourms [King of Fighters XII Official Thread]

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