Stuff’s $20 Box of Comics for August 25, 2009 [updated!]


Shew, my head hurts from picking, choosing, and re-ordering all of this weeks comic picks! There’s so many! But as always I have the goods to deliver to you budgeting true believers, so lets move on with Stuff’s $20 Box of comics!

Batman and Robin#3 $2.99

– Great great series. Unfortunately this is the end of the first set of comics done by writer Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely (for now…). Last issue saw friction between the new Batman and Robin team and the vicious power of Professor Pyg and the Circus of Strange. This issue is the final showdown between the new duo and this vicious group and the arrival of a new red-hooded hero.

Dark Avengers #8 $3.99

– The X-Men look like they are done. Osborn’s Avengers and Dark X-Men have San Francisco locked down with an iron fist. But that’s what Cyclops is best at, getting out of tight fixes. He has hatched a plan to fight them on all fronts and take back his new home. This issue leads to some exciting new turns for the X-Men with the conclusion just around the corner! Preview.

Deadpool #14 $2.99

– This new run of Deadpool seems like it will never fail me. Hilarious from beginning to end and this story arc is no different. Introducing Deadpool the pirate! He has recruited bumbling ex-hydra member Bob as his trusty parrot and set sail to a rich, snoby secluded island to ransack the place only to fend of his treasure (and a blonde hotty) from another band of pirates! Pirate puns and hilarious jokes to ensue. Plus, the story arc’s title is named after a Pixies song and you can’t go wrong with that. Preview!

Guardians of the Galaxy #17 $2.99

– Adam Warlock, in his quest to stop the cosmos from tearing itself apart, calls unlikely allies for help in resolving War of Kings for good. The result will change the Marvel Universe forever (I’m saying that a lot these days).

New Avengers #56 $3.99

-The device that the Hood’s henchmen have cooked up have left the Avengers crippled. Now, New York is left open to attack by all sorts of baddies. Again, another big issue, with another big event that will change the Dark Reign. Preview.

Nova #28 $2.99

-Kra-koom!!! This cover is f’ing awesome. Richard Ryder finally located his brother, who has already fallen to Strontian, sending the new Nova Prime in a rage. Can the rest of the corps hold off the Shi’ar imperial guard and make it out alive? Go get it and see! You won’t be disappointed. Preview.

Secret Warriors #7 $2.99

-With the last story arc leaving the Secret Warriors on the better side of all the fighitng this issue will make sure to put a dent in that. Osborn and Baron von Strucker hatch a plan to take Fury’s team down. Osborn begins by sicking the Thunderbolts, and Dark Avengers on them! A great series and I’m very excited to see what new mysteries are unraveled in this story arc. Preview.

Unknown Solider #11 $2.99

-This series gets better and better. The writing is very solid and the artwork really conveys the theme of this comic. This issue shows our hero preparing to battle the militant group that almost convinced him to kill a famous movie star for international attention. Can Moses keep his dark side under control enough to remain the same person? Keep reading to find out, this series is gold.

And the total is… 22.93! Gnarly. Its a little bit over, but there were just so many to choose from this time. Of course you’ll see that next in the Cut List:

  • Dark Reign: Elektra #5 (Conclusion! WTF Happened while Elektra was held captive!? Preview.)
  • Dark X-Men: The Beginning #3 (Last issue! This issue gives you a taste of the rest of the Dark X-Men and how they joined. Preview.)
  • Incredible Hercules #133 (FLOATING BRAINS! Hercules sees two releases for the next three months to contain this massive new story arc! Preview.)
  • Ms. Marvel #44 (So, three Ms. Marvel’s? Preview.)
  • New Mutants #4 (Can Legion be stopped?! Preview.)
  • Wolverine: Origins #39 (Omega Red isn’t done yet!)
  • X-Force #18 (Post Messiah War has left the X-Force in shambles.)

Okay, so I will pick up on the rest later. I have to jet to class but I didn’t want to you leave you guys hanging before tomorrow! Hey dudes, I’m back. So lets pick up where we left off.

Here is what I would buy if I had the money: 28 Days Later #1 (Maybe it will be good, I’m such a sucker for zombie [or infected depending on how elitist about it you are] comics), Batman: Widening Gyre #1 (Kevin Smith’s new take on the cape crusader), Dark Reign: The Sinister Spider-Man #3 (Sweet artwork), Dark Wolverine #77, Detective Comics #856 (Batwoman is so sexy looking), Frank Frazetta’s: Sorcerer (I love the art by Frank Frazetta, always brootal), Incredible Hulk #601 (World War Hulks is coming soon), King City #1 (Tokyopop X Image presentation, looks sweet).

That’s it! HUGE WEEK! It was real hard picking the best amongst it all but I think I did a snazzy job. Remember, head to your local shop (like the luxurious Velocity Comics in Richmond Va) to pick up these and any other titles that catch your eye. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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