New Mass Effect DLC


MasseffectThat’s right, new downloadable content for Mass Effect is up on the Xbox Live Market Place today. With Mass Effect 2 right around the corner will this be the content to link the two?

Strange, no one heard about this before it came out. EA and Bioware didn’t make an official announcement for the content, it just hit the marketplace with no big deal. The information about the DLC pack was actually leaked yesterday on the Swedish Official Xbox Website.

What is the content? Taking place after Shepard joins the Spectres he is given an invitation to train on the Pinnacle Station, which is a holographic training station built by the Turians and ran by the Alliance.

The content will add 2-3 hours of playtime, and 3 new achievements clocking in at 150 gamerpoints total.

The pack is 400 Microsoft Points, and is available today!


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