Dragon Ball Online?


DBOYes it’s true, and no it’s not a fan made game like Fallout Online is. This is a legit Dragon Ball inspired MMO.

I had heard about this game nearly a year ago. I figured it was in Development Purgatory, joining the likes of StarCraft Ghost and Duke Nukem Forever. That was until I saw this trailer posted on YouTube yesterday…

No word on final details. The game goes into closed beta next month and will release in South Korea first, seeing as a South Korean company is making it. No word yet on if the game will consist of you screaming for 30 minutes and unleashing one attack before the Narrator breaks in with “Next time, on DRAGON BALL Z!!”

What is known is that the game takes place 200 years after the end of Dragon Ball Z. Players will make characters of their own, choosing from the main races in the story, Human, Sayian and Namekian. By the looks of the trailer your team of Z Warriors fights Dinosaurs and time travels back to the main story of DBZ.

My 7th grade self is screaming in joy right now…

Here’s the official site…if you can read it…


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One Response to “Dragon Ball Online?”

  1. Shane Xero Says:

    I’m a fucking sucker for the Dragonball franchise (except that abortion of a live action movie). I’ve known about this game for a good long while but was of the same opinion that it was damned to purgatory and was to share the same fate as the Holy Grail of abandoned video games, Starfox 2 (never made it past beta). But I’m hopeful now seeing that is making progress and one step closer to becoming my primary excuse for never leaving the house.

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