Welcome to the Republic of SEGA


segarepublicAh Dubai, the place to go when you’ve got a lot of money and you wanna build something insane. Did you know they have their own indoor ski resort. Yeah, and INDOOR ski resort. Now SEGA has joined in on the fun.

SEGA Republic is an amusement park that just opened inside the Dubai Mall. The Dubai mall has 1,200 stores…and takes up 12 Million square feet, that’s over 50 soccer fields! The SEGA Republic has 150 attractions, including a roller coaster, arcades and 5 different themed areas inside the amusement park.

Some of the attractions include the “Sonic Hopper” a ride that lifts you up and then drops you at 40 km/hr, the “Sonic Spin Gear” which is a roller coaster ride that you and 3 others sit in and ride in a car that spins as it goes along the track, and the “Redemption Zone” where you can play games and win prizes.

Kinda sucks that it’s in Dubai…Guess I won’t be going there anytime soon. Stuff Trip around the world?

Source: SEGA America Blog


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