Redbox suing Warner Bros.


lawyerWhat could bring the discount DVD rental service to sue Warner Bros.? Probably that annoying singing frog. Good thing WB dropped him off in France where he was promptly eaten.

No it has nothing to do with frogs. Instead, Warner Bros. wants to delay the time that stores can rent their movies until 28 days after the retail release date. A cleverly photoshoped 28 Days Later poster would look nice here wouldn’t it. They claim that the rental sales are hurting their full price profits. Paying as low as $1 for a movie is a pretty sweet deal. Why would you want to spend $10+ for a movie that you might only watch once?

In their suit, Redbox claims they are protecting consumer rights. I think it’s more protecting their profits. Warner Bros. has also gone after Netflix with their 28 days later rule. I’m not sure if this will work in the WBs favor. If you’re renting from a $1 a day Redbox it’s not very likely you will pay full price for the movie you want.

Sources: Save Low Cost DVDs (Redbox’s rallying site) , Consumerist, and LA Times


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