Bloggable Music Videos: Brootal Space


Lets go to space and get metal with Mastodon. Then we can come back and ‘chill’ with Sian Alice Group and The Antlers.

Mastodon – Oblivion

This video is almost too high budget to be ‘internet relevant’. It reminds me of the time Bruce Willis saved the world by blowing up a rock. I heard Mastodon and Dethklok are touring together, but not here in Virginia. Why no love?

Sian Alice Group – Close To The Ground

I feel sorry for alternative singers, they’re always being forced to sing even while on the brink of death or even after death. I might start a fundraiser, you can join the cause via Facebook.

The Antlers – Two

I have a feeling this band will start finding it’s way in ‘quirky-meaningful’ indie movie soundtracks. Juno 2 perhaps? I saw a tag for this band called ‘fuzz-folk’, I thought that was really accurate. This new album, Hospice, has been getting a lot of praise from the critics; I see why.


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