Psst…Hey, you wanna buy a HDTV?


20090810__erev0811oven~1_GalleryPsst..Hey man, you lookin’ for an HDTV? $100 and I’ll sell you this one! What’s the catch? Don’t worry about that..Look you wanna buy it or not? Trust me, man. It’s a good deal!

Well it turns out it’s not…Remember those scams where people bought an item, then took the box home and opened it to find rocks or something other than what they bought? Some genius thought up a new scam.

He took an old oven door, slapped some official looking stickers on it and tried to sell it to people in a Wal-Mart parking lot for $100. He told people he got it at a flea market for $60. He’s pretty crafty this one. Passing off an oven door as an HDTV is no easy task. I almost feel sorry for the people that might have bought it. Yet at the same time makes you think about why our TVs can look like a door…

Sources: The Oakland Tribune and Consumerist


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One Response to “Psst…Hey, you wanna buy a HDTV?”

  1. xenophilicx Says:

    Wow, I wonder how many he sold before getting caught.
    Wait, did he even get caught? I assume he did since we all know now.

    Crazy people, what wouldn’t they do for money.

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