Stuff’s $20 Box of Comics for August 18, 2009!


I hope you guys made smart choices last week without my guidance, there were some pretty good ones released. But that’s in the past now, lets tackle this weeks $20 Box of Comics!

Amazing Spider-Man #603 $2.99

-Mary Jane looks haggard in this cover! Maybe because The Chameleon is on the loose in New York City and with Spider-Man is no where to be found Mary Jane steps up to take this bad boy down. Huh?! Preview.

The Hood #3 $3.99

– This series is getting really good. Parker seems to really want to loose the power of the Hood and Dorammamu forever so he can be with his family, but there is just one thing that keeps him from doing it. Now his gang is slowly starting to undermine him and White Fang has her second chance at revenge, really great stuff. Preview.

Dark Reign: Mr. Negative #3 $3.99

– Conclusion! To stop Betty Brant from unveiling Mr. Negative’s identity, he sends his newly negatized (that’s my word!) Spider-Man to stop her. What will happen when this new, blood thirsty henchmen of Mr. Negative gets a hold of Ms. Brant!? Only one way to find out!

Mighty Avengers #28 $2.99

– A lot of things are happening with the Mighty Avengers this issue. Hank Pym starts his own journey, Quicksilver and US Agent face off against an old Avengers foe, all while the Young Avengers sneak into the new Mighty Avengers headquarters to try and capture the Scarlet Witch! Shew! Preview.

Punisher #8 $2.99

– Frank looks like hes got to shoot big guns in this issue at some one. The Hood has big plans for Frank, he has sent his newly reanimated villains after Castle and they start by abducting Frank’s new hacker friend, AND Microchip brings the Avengers of old back to fight Frank as well. This issue has the Punisher making a hard choice, to save his new partner he must kill the Avengers. Preview.

Wolverine: Weapon X #4 $3.99

– Jason Aaron is blowing up Marvel with this great story and others like Immortal Weapons, and Ghost Rider. This series in particular is selling out at most shops! Wolverine is still on the hunt for Blackguard trying to shut them down. But when he kills his way to the top he finds more of Strikeforce X soldiers in his way. Should be a lot of stabbing in this one. Preview.

That leaves us at… 20.94! Awwwwright!

Here’s what didn’t make the Cut:

  • Air #12 (More mysteries, more airplanes)
  • Atomic Robo and The Shadow From Beyond Time #4 (Hard to cut this one, it’s way too funny.)
  • X-Men Legacy #227 (Rouge fights the God of War, and an event moves this series in a new direction)

Here is what I’d pick up if I had the money: new Batgirl #1, Blackest Night: Superman #1 (everyone is going bananas for Blackest Night), Deadpool: Suicide Kings #5, Punisher: Noir #1, Unknown Solider Volume 1 (If you haven’t been reading, now is the time to catch up).

And that’s it! This week looks great for us Budgeting True Believers, I’m really excited to get more Jason Aaron jams to read. As always, you can head to your local comic shop (like the amazing Velocity Comics in Richmond, Va) and find these and other great titles to get your collect on!

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