I’m about to blow your mind…


OrionNebula-774263Space. The final frontier…Star Trek quotes aside, space is crazy. Go out side at night and look up. See all those stars? Most of them are dead by now and the light from their lives burning out is just getting to us. While you’re looking at those stars I want you to realize infinity is above your head. You ok? Still with me?

I found these two links on a post on the Above Top Secret message board. These are super high resolution images taken by Hubble while floating around in that infinity.

This link is the Orion Nebula, and this link is a shot of Hubble’s Deep Field. The reason I didn’t just post the images is cause;

1. They are HUGE!!!

2. They aren’t images!

They control like Google Earth or Google Maps. Use the mouse to drag around, scroll wheel to zoom, or use the arrow keys or WASD to move and i or o, or + and – to zoom. Also, hit F for fullscreen.

I dare someone to tell me we are alone in the universe after seeing this…


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4 Responses to “I’m about to blow your mind…”

  1. xenophilicx Says:

    That was amazingggg!

  2. Shane Xero Says:

    If you’re into shit that will blow your mind, check this out.

  3. Carlesco Says:

    The vastness of space blows my mind, zooming in on each of these pictures you can see how the tiny specks off in the distance are actually galaxies just like ours, quantities that our minds are just not equipped to understand… It’s startling. Even scaling down on the sub-atomic level, the vastness and complexities of existence are fantastic. The tiny and miniscule components of all matter that we can’t grasp or measure combining to craft these magnificent and massive galaxies frightens the day lights out of me. I think that the best thing we can do is to accept our own ignorance of the how and why of life and the universe, try and find scientific answers to these tremendous puzzles, but to realize we are nothing in the grand scheme of existence. When you gaze upon the epic scale of this all you start to realize how antiquated organized religion is and how small it matters to the universe, yet I still find it bewildering how such huge numbers of people will cling to such tales. It must be a fear to accept the emptiness of space and existence. I guess whatever brings solace to each person. Science is great.

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