King Of Fighters Info and Patch Update!!


Starting with the much anticipated patch addressing a game play glitch with Raiden and Elizabeth, and the games poor online play. Much of which has kept me from progressing further than practice mode combos.

DarKaos posted on SRK Ignitions newest update on the patch. Which states:

Quick update on the patch:

The testing of the update is quickly coming to a end with extremely positive results! We just have to get Microsoft and Sony approvals now but we are targeting to have it available near the end of August. The game has an amazing group of fans and we want you to experience this update as soon as possible. Thanks for being patient everyone and we’ll see you online!

Exciting! I know this made a lot of King Of Fighters fans happy! Which leads to my next part…

You just started playing Street Fighter 4 and because you learned a Gief 360 move you can take on any fighting game. You’ve picked up KOF, played it, and realized you can’t play it like Street Fighter so you break out in a sweat, raging out later in SF4 practice mode. It is a difficult game to understand at first and requires a lot of practice to grasp the gameplay, I still have some trouble between the 4 different jump motions. However avid fighting game enthusiast, Dandy J, posted a amazing 2 part video to help transition Street Fighter players to King of Fighters 12:

Part One

Part Two

I highly recommend watching these videos to anyone wanting to become a better KOF player!


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    […] reported earlier, we were told that the KOF12 patch would come out by the end of August. There is now some heated […]

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