Fallout 2…Online?


fonlineYes, you read that right. Fallout Online. A group of developers has taken the original Fallout 2 and turned it onto an MMORPG.

Fallout Online or FOnline: 2238 uses the original Fallout 2 game and expands it into a full online world. Players can explore the wastes alone or in groups. They can take on roles of vault dwellers that have entered into the wastes, or a more specific class. You could be a raider, a brahmin farmer, or just a wastelander. From what I’ve seen the possibilities are vast.

Safety in numbers seems to be a key element. Sticking with a group will offer you better protection from the NPCs as well as other players. The Wasteland isn’t a friendly place, you need to survive and if it means killing someone else, sucks for them.

There are currently two servers, one for Russian players and one for English players. Check it out over on Moddb.

Also, here is a download link for the files needed to play online. The only other files you need are the master.dat and critter.dat from a Fallout 2 cd or digital copy. Once you set it up you need to change the ip to and the port to 2238 in order to play on the English server. Maybe we can get a Stuff Brotherhood going?

Source: FOnline: 2238 and FOnline (this site is mainly in Russian)


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