Earthworm Jim crawling to consoles again!


jimSega has been running a poll for which Genesis game you wanted to see come to the download markets of our current systems. Earthworm Jim crushed them under his super suit boot! I’m not sure why Sega was deciding this, EWJ was on just about every system there was in the 90’s.

He will be on just about every system again as well. 360, PS3 and the Virtual Console for Wii will be getting this game near the end of 2009…we hope. There is even mention of the development team being given the rights to develop for all systems, including mobile devices. Earthworm Jim on the iPhone?

There is just one little snag that I see. The Sega Genesis version of Earthworm Jim is already on the Virtual Console! Will this be a remake of the old one? Will there be updated graphics or anything? Not sure, only time will tell.

And now for something completely different! The theme song to the Earthworm Jim cartoon! Yes, there was a cartoon!

Source: Touch Arcade and Kotaku

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