Let The Right One In (movie review)


let the right one in poster This is quite possibly the best vampire movie I’ve seen in a long time. Let The Right One In is a horror film with emotion; it manages to disturb while also coming across as heartfelt.

The story focuses on Oskar, a 12 year old boy who is often tormented and bullied at school. Oskar’s life is changed when he befriends Eli, a 12 year old vampire who moves in next door. Director Tomas Alfredson beautifully brings to life the original 2004 novel with a bleak mix of realism and fantasy. Let The Right One In isn’t your typical vampire story; there isn’t a good and evil, a right and wrong. Instead it just leaves you with this flawed romance and horrific drama that raises more questions than it provides answers.

9 stuffs out of 10

If you want to check this out on DVD, be sure to get the UK release or wait until the re-release of the American version. Fans have criticized the original American DVD release for over simplifying the subtitles and have claimed it to be unwatchable.


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3 Responses to “Let The Right One In (movie review)”

  1. Nick Towers Says:

    Unless the Vampires sparkle, no one will watch this.

  2. Shane Xero Says:

    Hey Everett, it’s Shane. Nice site you guys got going here.

    I may have to check this movie out. My opinion of Vampire flicks right now is that there has never been one worth watching, nor will there ever be. But the perspective position this film takes takes seems promising.

    I’ll be sure to throw a link up to this site on mine. Have a good one.

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