Andrew W.K. greatest Japanofile ever?


Anime W.K.When was the last time you listened to Andrew W.K.? Recently? Few months ago? Sometime in the last year? I know when I play Dynasty Warriors: Gundam I play I Get Wet on full volume while I slice through Mobile Suits. Joe can attest to this, A.W.K + D.W.G = Win. But wait..what’s this, Mobile Suit W.K.?

This year is the 30th anniversary of the Gundam series. Andrew W.K. is celebrating this by releasing an entire album of Mobile Suit Gundam cover songs. I know, your brain just exploded. It’s ok, so did mine.

September 9th the Gundam Rock album will be unleashed upon our ears, dual wielding beam sabers and tearing through space. The new album will consist of music from the orignal Gundam series and the movie trilogy. Plus he and the band will be covering the background music! But wait, there’s more! He will also be reenacting this speech from Gihren Zabi.

Now while this sounds completely epic, there is another treat in all of this. Turns out last year he released a album of 14 J-pop songs that the band covered. Both this CD and Gundam Rock are in english.

Will this mean Dynasty Warriors: Gundam + Gundam Rock? Will my 360 be able to handle this?

Sources: Anime News Network, Japanator, and io9


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