Wolverine Sequel Gets New Writer


x-men-origins-wolverine1Wolverine sure looks mad. I don’t think he likes my headlines…This one is good though! Remember when I told you all that the next Wolverine movie was going to be in Japan? Well, now they have a new writer. He’s not some fresh new face to writing either!

Christopher McQuarrie is going to write Wolverine’s adventure to Japan. Don’t know who he is? He wrote Usual Suspects and wrote the first X-Men movie. He wasn’t credited on it though, he thought the movie was closer to Solid Snake’s…I mean David Hayter’s version so he refused a credit.

Could we see a decent Wolverine movie? Usual Suspects was a good movie, and I’m sure the work he did on X-Men will be shown in his version. I’m going to be optimistic and hope for the best with this one.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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