APB Beta sign-ups get personal



Who else is excited for APB? I know I am, this game is gonna be sweet…I hope. On the APB website there are sign-ups for beta testing. Only problem is, they ask for some pretty personal information…

What kind of info? They want to know how much school you’ve completed, how much money you make annually, and you address. That’s kind of strange for a beta sign up isn’t it? Normally they just ask the standard “Do you play games?”,” What are you system specs” types of questions.

Why do you need to know how much money I make in a year? Will that get me into the beta if I make a certain amount? Am I not good enough for your beta if I’ve only done some college instead of having a Bachelors?

Hit the link for the beta sign-up, just be ready to answer some personal stuff

Source: APB Beta


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