wavves zack hill No, this isn’t about Barcelona break downs, broken wrists, or being overrated. Wavves has a new song (possibly with Zach Hill?) that I actually like a lot.

If you’re wondering where you’ve heard the name Zach Hill, he’s the quite amazing drummer for Hella, who’s also worked with several other artists like Marnie Stern. Well now Zach is teaming up with Nathan to renew Wavves. It seems as though Wavves has toned down the extreme amount of shallow/lo-fi noise in return for some noise with actual depth! Yes, I’m excited too. I like this new direction he’s/they’re heading in. I’m not sure what’s in store for Nathan next. Will Wavves remain a 2-piece with Zach? Has he completely abandoned the simple lo-fi approach to song writing? Regardless, I have to admit, I’m surprised the guy is still making music after all the criticism he’s received the last few months. If nothing else, you have to admit he’s pretty persistent.

Wavves – Cool Jumper (no official video yet)

ps. Does this song remind anyone else of Animal Collective/Panda Bear?


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