Walking Dead shambling for AMC


walking-deadThe Robert Kirkman Zombie themed comic The Walking Dead is floating around in development limbo right now. Someone wants to turn it onto a TV series! Hey World War Z, you’re doing it wrong!

Variety is reporting that Frank Darabont is currently in talks to adapt The Walking Dead into a TV series for AMC. It won’t be your typical zombie horror show, but a drama about how the survivors are dealing with dead stuff wanting to eat them along with the other dangers of post-apocalyptic events.

Darabont wrote and directed The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption. Him along with Gale Anne Hurd hope to get the show up and running on AMC.

I hope this turns out as awesome as the comic. They say they will be sticking to the source material cause of Kirkman’s storytelling skills. Maybe World War Z should try this out as well? No studio is signed on as of yet, and no date is confirmed for air or production.

Source: Variety


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2 Responses to “Walking Dead shambling for AMC”

  1. Joe Ruckert Says:

    i was about to post this…..

  2. KingMe1220 Says:

    Sweet. I love the comic.

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