Crystal Castles’ Alice Glass “kicked in the head by riot police” [update: false?]


alice glass *sigh* More concert injury, and this time it seems a lot less accidental.

Word is, Hard Summer 2009 was a huge failure. Things got a little bit crazy and people started rushing the stage by jumping of balconies. So what happens? The cops decide to shut everything down. According to The Daily Swarm, Crystal Castles were caught in the middle of all the ruckus and Alice even suffered from a concussion after being kicked in the head.

I just got this email from fellow Castle maker “Ethan Kath” which read: “been in the hospital all day, Alice has concussion from being kicked in the head by riot police. i have to like wake her up every 2 hours and ask her to tell me the date and her name”

Here’s some footage of what started all the commotion:

This seems like a bad month for concerts, good thing we saw My Bloody Valentine on the 30th. I’ll update when I hear anything new about her condition, but in the meantime, listen to this:

[update] Apparently some are saying Alice was not injured. The part about Hard being a failure is still evident, as proven my numerous videos on youtube, but I guess Alice is ok.

this simply isn’t true. I went to this show and actually walked alice to her car w/ some of her homies before the cops even got there. Why is she such a viral marketing blog meme right now that people think they can make up lies about what really went down at this event.

Source: The Daily Swarm


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One Response to “Crystal Castles’ Alice Glass “kicked in the head by riot police” [update: false?]”

  1. Justin Says:

    Wow dude, that sucks. Poor alice :(

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