Bloggable Music Vids: Heath Ledger???


Heath Ledger died over a year ago, but the new Modest Mouse vid proves that we haven’t seen the last of him. The xx get trippy and The Most Serene Republic go to church.

Modest Mouse – King Rat

I didn’t know Heath was a Modest Mouse fan. It’s kind of crazy how artists keep coming out with new stuff after life. I wonder if people are going to start remixing/remaking his movies like they did with Tupoc’s music. Isn’t Modest Mouse supposed to be a really popular band for ‘just an indie band’? This video is pretty twisted, are Modest Mouse …**SPOILER** …. Vegan?

The xx – Basic Space

Is this a new genre called post-R&B? Or R&I (rhythm and indie)? This band is perfect for chilling at crib while taking a break from chilling at the club. Apparently their album comes out in 7 days, I want it.

The Most Serene Republic – The Men Who Live Upstairs

Another video that confuses me. I feel like this is a remake of something I should have learned about in my British literature class. The Most Serene Republic concerts must be crazy: people getting diseases and arthritis, so brootal. I’ve always wanted to like this band more than I actually do, but this song seems to be a little more ‘together’ than what I’ve heard in the past. I guess they’re growing?


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2 Responses to “Bloggable Music Vids: Heath Ledger???”

  1. Aloisius Says:

    You’ve got good instincts. The TMSR video for The Men Who Live Upstairs is a reference to the riot that was induced by the first performance of Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring in Paris, 1913.

    This track is from their 2007 album, Population. You should check out their new album: …And The Ever Expanding Universe. It came out last month and is amazing.

    • Everett Turner Says:

      Ah ok, thanks for that info. I’ll definitely check the new album out, I haven’t heard much from them since their first album. I kind of forgot about them until I came across this video.

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