Da Beach!


My father and I are heading off to the beach tomorrow for 3 days of sun and fun. (maybe even some fun and sun?) Which leaves me with not a whole lot of time for posting the info you Stuff readers need to get through the day. Maybe the other writers will pick up the slack? But that’s just wishful thinking. Regardless, you guys are going to get some awesome beach pics when I get back and maybe even a restaurant review of this place. Hopefully something hilarious will happen and I’ll be there with a camera. Until then keep reading! We actually have other dedicated writers! Here is some of the stuff you missed from this week:

Bloggable Music Vids with Fiery Furnaces, Matt and Kim, and more!

Persona 4 + Metal Gear Solid Funnies

Robot Legs!

Another Giant Robot Statue?

Bikes That Glow!

Time Magazine Covers The Elusive Hipster

Rain In Enter The Dragon Remake

Pancake Mountain!



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2 Responses to “Da Beach!”

  1. Nick Towers Says:

    Yeah, I was wondering when you guys would pick up the slack…

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