St. Vincent – Actor (album review)


the actors Fans of Sufjan Stevens or The Polyphonic Spree might find Annie Clark, the mastermind behind St. Vincent, to be a familiar face. Her album ‘Marry Me’ proved to be a talented introduction to her solo capabilities, and her latest Album ‘Actor’ goes above and beyond.

Actor still sounds like the St.Vincent we know from Marry me, but she manages to break many of the boundaries from her first album and gives us an album filled with more surprises, more depth, more texture, and more everything. The first song, ‘The Strangers’, immediately gives a pretty good idea of how this album delivers. It starts of with gentle woodwinds, subtle percussion, and dreamy vocals, after 2 thirds of the song, Annie kicks up the distortion and percussion into a frantic guitar driven noise session. Actor is gentle, rough, bright, and dark all at once. Song titles like “Black Rainbow” describe the wonderful paradox of this album. In an interview, Annie Clark said that she wrote the album while watching movies and tried to write songs that would go along with them; that explains the title and really describes the overall feel of the album.

9 stuffs out of 10

Also be sure to check out St. Vincent’s excellent live performance on Pitchfork’s Cemetery Gates.

The Strangers


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2 Responses to “St. Vincent – Actor (album review)”

  1. Corey Caudill Says:

    Did she write The Strangers when watching The Strangers?

    • Everett Turner Says:

      ha, I thought of that movie too. She didn’t mention it though. I think one movie was Badlands.

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