No Age and Deerhunter dance off ends with injury


no age

So recently No Age, Deerhunter, and Dan Deacon started their ‘Round Robin Tour’ in which they not only toured together but had their sets intertwine together to give the unique ‘No Deachunter’ experience. Unfortunately their show in Milwaukee ended with No Age’s Randy Randall suffering from a dislocated shoulder.

During the set, Randy and Deerhunter frontman, Bradford Cox started to have a dance off to Dan Deacon’s music and Randy slipped on some beer and fell to the ground dislocating his shoulder.

From No Age blog:

Last night we played in Milwaukee as part of the Round Robin Tour. During Dan’s performance, Randy was helping Dan wrangle the audience and he slipped, fell and dislocated his shoulder.

We just want to let you know he is okay. We are still going to attempt to play Lollapalooza. It should be fun and interesting.

I love Deerhunter and No Age (despite claims of them being overrated) so it sucks to hear that a potentially awesome show ended like this, but I’m glad he’s alright.

Source: No Age Blog


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