Machete’s cast is growing [NSFW!]


machete-thumb-403x358-810Remember this movie? Of course you don’t, it’s not real. Back when Grindhouse was in theaters Robert Rodriguez made a fake trailer for the movie Machete. Later on he said he wanted to make it into a real movie and have it go right to DVD the same time Grindhouse came out, which didn’t happen. Where is this going?

Beware, the following trailer is NSFW.

Machete started production this week! Hopefully soon we will see Danny Trejo slicing people up on the big screen with a coat full of machetes. New members of the cast include Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Don Johnson, and even Robert De Niro! A release date is not set as of yet, but I’d expect a 2010 release.

Source: Film Drunk


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2 Responses to “Machete’s cast is growing [NSFW!]”

  1. Everett Turner Says:

    Finally. This was the most awesome fake trailer, I was wondering what happened to them making the real version. You might want to put (nsfw) next to the video though.

    • Nick Towers Says:

      It’s Machete…you shouldn’t be watching Machete at work anyway. I put it in the tags though

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