Bloggable Music Videos: Deerhoof premier


Some of these new videos are kind of weird, but that’s kind of the status quo with music videos… so I guess they’re actually pretty normal.

Deerhoof – Jagged Fruit

It’s the band people either hate or love. This video is so anti-music video; I think Deerhoof just like making people say “wtf?” They’re so adorable though. What does it mean when little kids like the same music? Although this song might not appeal to their unintentional 5 year old audience (remember this?).

Jay Reatard– It Ain’t Gonna Save Me

Didn’t know Jay is doing birthday gigs now. The economy is so bad.

Yo La Tengo – Periodically Double Or Triple

Last time we saw the first installment of a series of videos to promote the upcoming album, here’s the second one. If you’re hungry and craving some fruit, don’t watch this.

St. Vincent – Actor Out Of Work

St. Vincent is amazing. I know that’s a very unconstructive comment to make, but I had to say it. Remember the girl who would perform in Sufjan Steven’s live band? Well there she is with her second album.


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One Response to “Bloggable Music Videos: Deerhoof premier”

  1. G ex three vee eye Says:

    I don’t get it. That fellow has an unfortunate last name, but at least he gets to work at awesome parties. Think I might buy a pineapple when I get off from work, and seriously, a watermelon-banana monster that can shoot it’s seeds would be sweet. I’ve always liked songs like the last one, they set you up like there is going to be an amazing payoff, just keep building up and up, and then nothing, it quits.

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