I like my fixie wired.


It glows!

Design company Teague just dropped their fixie concept the pulse. Core77 sums up what it offers:

Pulse, Teague’s new concept for an urban bike, addresses all the necessities of a standard bike commute. Taking cues from both fixed gears and cafe-racers, Its features include electric turn signals controlled from the handlebars and a luminescent frame that lights up when you need it. We especially love the specialized caged bike pedals–they’re counterweighted to always sit “the right way round,” allowing the rider to benefit from their three-fold increase in efficiency without suffering from having to clip into upside down pedals at every stoplight.

It looks cool as must concepts and newer tech stuff does. But it also just seems lazy, or maybe efficient? But I couldn’t see myself spending the extra money so my pedals don’t flip upside down when I pull my foot out of the cage. I wonder if they’ll add weights so the bike just track stands whenever it stops?

The whole thing is powered by a chargeable battery pack that is housed in the hollow steering tube. You can charge it by removing the battery back and hooking it up to any computer/usb charger via mini usb. This powers all of the fancy stuff on the bike. I wonder how long the charge is, and why they didn’t go for pedal powered charge/lights?

The only thing that would worry me about riding this around is getting stolen, or worse, people trying to steal the lights, etc. and pulling out all the wiring. One potential nightmare is: I leave it locked up, someone lifts the power pack, I have to pay 200 dollars to (insert bike company) just to get it replaced. Theft is a serious and still growing problem for cycling enthusiasts and adding more bells and whistles might make it more of a target.

Either way the concept is an interesting one, and whatever the final outcome is it will lead to interesting new developments for bikes in the future. Check out the sites for more info and pics!

Source: Pulse concept via Core77


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2 Responses to “I like my fixie wired.”

  1. Nick Towers Says:

    Will this bike make a wall of light that I can block other riders with?

  2. Tron Legacy trailer « Stuff Says:

    […] they’ll have those fixies that Corey posted about […]

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