Stuff’s $20 Box of Comics for August 5, 2009!!


Shew this weekend was crazy for all of us at Stuff, time to get back into the swing of things. Here is Stuff’s $20 Box of Comics!

Agents of Atlas #9 2.99

– Jimmy Woo has made the wrong ex-girlfriend mad. Him and M-11 have gone to China, and to meet him is none another then his ex-flame the Jade Claw and an updated M-25! What will happen when Atlas, and Jade Claws organization, The Great Wall meet head to head as the rest of the Atlas Team races to Jimmy’s rescue.

Amazing Spider-Man # 601 $ 2.99

– Mary Jane comes back!!! After the events of May Parkers wedding, we leave ourselves thinking only one thing; What will happen between Peter Parker and Mary Jane?! A must read for Spidey fans.

Black Panther #7 $2.99

– A new Black Panther, what? She’s female, what what? It’s T’Challa’s sister, what what what?! After Morlun’s defeat by the new Black Panther she is now taking up to the task of protecting Wakanda her other enemies, including one of Marvels most dangerous villains. This story arc is either going to be really cool, or really bad. I guess we’ll get a glimpse tomorrow!

Captain America: Reborn #2 3.99

– Last issue showed us that Captain was almost pulled out of the time stream by the Red Skull, but that plan was thwarted by Agent 13 (Cap’s brain washed lover/assassin) but caused Steve to jump through points of his past. Who will rescue the real Steve Rogers trapped jumping through time first? Bucky and the Avengers, or Osborn and his band of villains? Cap’s coming back, you just have to read it.

The Invincible Iron Man #16 $2.99

– World’s Most Wanted concludes! What does Madame Masque have in store for Pepper Potts and Tony Stark? Especially since Tony’s mind has degraded to a point where he can barely remember giving Pepper the rescue suit. Meanwhile Maria Hill and the Black Widow rush to Bucky’s Avengers hideout too hopefully convince him to come to Tony’s aid. But will he do it? This story arc has been awesome. I can’t wait to see how it resolves.

War of Kings #6 $3.99

– This is it. Black Bolt vs. Vulcan. Shi’ar vs. Inhumans. Who will win this cataclysmic war and will Black Bolt actually activate the T-Bomb? Whatever happens, it will change the Marvel Universe forever. An absolute must read.

This brings us to… 19.93! Nice, solid list of titles for right under $20 bucks. That’s what we like around here.

Now, here is the Cut List:

  • Ghost Riders: Heaven’s on Fire #1 (Jason Aaron’s conclusion that needed its own run. It looks really good, and will probably end up in my box this week)

If I had the money I’d pick up these other titles: Dark Reign: Zodiac #2, Dark Wolverine #75, Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #2, The Destroyer #5 (Blood, violence, awesomeness), Iron Man & The Armor Wars #1, Luke Cage Noir #1 (even more jive talking).

That wraps up this week. Slim week, but blockbuster titles. Remember budgeting true believers, head to your local comic shop (like Richmond Virginia’s luxurious Velocity Comics) to pick up these titles and maybe browse some I haven’t listed. Enjoy your Wednesday!

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