Bloggable Music Vids: ba ba ba da ba ba x2


Music videos just in time for the new Fiery Furnaces. Eleanor dances and Matt and Kim get naked.

The Fiery Furnaces – Charmaine Champagne

Hey look, it’s everyone’s favorite brother-sister, conceptual, experimental indie rock band. I think this is definitely the best/most accessible video+single combination this often overlooked band has had thus far. (Va readers: They’ll be in Charlottesville later this month)

Matt and Kim – Lessons Learned

This is a little bit old in internet time, but it’s still relevant. I wish the cops would understand that nudity is just a form of expression. Nudity is the 2rd most important music enhancer, right under bleeding.

A Mountain Of One – Bones

This is either the most simple or confusing music video plot I’ve ever seen. Why are they showing a sad girl in the bathroom for 5% of the video? Is this a video about unwanted pregnancy?

Yo La Tengo – Here To Fall

Airplanes have never been more interesting.


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