Name That Band: Edward Scissorhands edition


Last time we got a little dreamy with Au Revoire Simone, which actually turned out to be a pretty cool band. This time get we get more experimental and color coated.

Band uniforms are a great way to show what kind of music your band plays. In this case, the uniforms are even color coated. Simple shapes and colors mean that they are either a cover band for songs by The Wiggles or they value simplicity. I’m sure one of them might pick up a guitar every now and then, but chords and scales don’t make happiness so that’s not important to them. Percussion for this band is essential; they are too meaningful for club music so live drums are the way to go. Other instruments are probably unidentifiable underneath all the effects because ‘life is undentifiable’.

This band probably doesn’t take life too serious, they’re probably always down for a game of twister. ‘Life is a game’. I think the girl in the middle is the only band member that knows she’s in a band (via her not looking into the camera), so I’m sure they don’t really sound like a band. Hair is also important to derterminging what a band sounds like, this band looks 10% trendy, 5% ironic, 25% eccentric, 20% sincere, and 40% Tim Burton: ratings like that can score anywhere from a 6.0 to 8.5 on pitchfork. I’m kind of excited to hear this band.



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