Whiteout Trailer: So average it’s bad


“This isn’t just a murder. This is the first murder in Antarctica.”

At first, I was excited to see a trailer for a movie based on the graphic novel by Greg Rucka, but then my excitement slowly declined when the bad horror film trailer voice entered my ears. The trailer follows the standard rules of horror trailers, with the loud sound cuts and random screams. It also stars Kate Beckinsale! enjoy!


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4 Responses to “Whiteout Trailer: So average it’s bad”

  1. KingMe1220 Says:

    This looks just awful.

  2. Karen (Bianca33) Says:

    I think that it is going to be a good movie. It also stars Alex O’Loughlin and for that reason alone, I will go and see it! By the way, it is too soon to judge its merits on the trailer alone, but for what I can see, it deserves a chance.

    • Joe Ruckert Says:

      I’m not judging the movie in any way, I’m just writing on how average the trailer is for it. If it follows the graphic novel I’m sure it will be decent.

  3. Nick Towers Says:

    Oh wow, Kate Beckinsale! Where are the vampires and werewolves? That was a pretty bland trailer. Take a minute 20 at least to describe how crappy Antarctica is to live on, then go “By the way, some dude was killed”

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