Stuff’s $20 Box of Comics for July 29!


Did you guys hear about World War Hulks? I don’t know about you guys but these event’s are wearing me and my wallet out. Enough of me griping, here is Stuff’s $20 box of comics!

Dark Reign: The Hood #3 $3.99

– Last issue left us watching The Hood meet with someone knowledgeable about the occult to figure out the power of Dormammau. Will Parker Robins finally answer his inner conflict of being The Hood or being Parker? During all of this an old foe of The Hood comes back for one last fight. A great series on a mysterious character. The development of the story in these issues have been very well done and kept me wanting more.

Dark Reign: Young Avengers #3 $3.99

– This series has a new young group of hero’s claiming that they are the new Young Avengers. After I very angry meeting with the new and old Avengers, it left the new team looking back on themselves. Wondering if they could ever really become Young Avengers. Osborn has taken notice of the two groups and intends to make sure they know their place in this world.

New Avengers #55 $3.99

– Dog pile! Luckily the guy with an admantium skeleton is on the bottom. A member of The Hood’s gang has found a way to take the legs out of our team, creating a major turning point in the Dark Reign series; and the new Sorcerer Supreme starts his training from an unlikey source. A must read.

Secret Warriors #6 $2.99

– Secret Warriors has blown me away since the first issue. Unraveling (and creating) some of the greatest mysteries of the Marvel universe. This is the last issue of this story arc so if you aren’t a reader, wait till the trade. But it will be a long wait because this series is just too good to miss.

Thunderbolts #134 $2.99

– Dang that cover looks sweet. Osborn’s new Thunderbolts team have finally found where ex-member Songbird has been hiding and intends to make her disappear forever. But one of the new Thunderbolts has a secret that can destroy the thunderbolts forever. This is a great series and I haven’t been able to stop picking it up since I first started reading comics.

Unknown Soldier #10 $2.99

– This book has been getting all sorts of mad reviews, for a good reason, its a great piece of work. Moses has been given an offer to help spread to the world the sufferings that is happening in Africa, but at a price. He must kill the actress Margaret Wells. Will he pull the trigger? Go buy it to find out. Seriously, go buy it. STOP READING GO BUY IT!

Total for this week is:… 20.94!

Booyaka! The list a’int have bad neither. I’m looking forward to reading many of these titles tomorrow. But we aren’t finished yet here is The Cut List:

  • Dark X-Men: The Beginning #2 (Very awesome cover, this issues covers the more members of the new Dark X-men.)
  • Proof #22 (Great series, this is part 5 of the current story arc showing the origin’s of why Gilgamesh dislikes Proof)
  • War of Kings: Ascension #4 (Conclusion! Will Darkhawk escape his suit!?)

If I had the money I would pick up these other titles: Dark Reign: Hawkeye #4, and Dark Reign: Sinister Spider-Man #2. There is a lot of DC related stuff that looked interesting, like Blackest Night, and the stuff with Batman, but I have no idea what to get when it comes to DC. Comment and give me some ideas!

That’s it for this week budgeting true believers. We got a solid list to keep you up with Marvel happenings and it was on 94 cents over. Very nice. Disagree? Agree? Want to say something random? Comment!!!!

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