Bloggable Music Vids


Come get your music video fix. It’s time to get catchy, and maybe a little obnoxious? Just a little.

The Thermals – Now We Can See

I love when 3 piece bands sound huge. Sing along ability: 9/10

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – “Young Adult Friction”

Yeah, they might sound like the pop side of The Jesus and Mary Chain but I still love them. This video really speaks to me; I’m not really into that reading books stuff, but I love letting people know I read. Oh the pains of being pure at heart.

Wavves – No Hope Kids

Look at how meaningful we are while we sing about how meaningless life is. Is it still cool to like Wavves? Last time I checked, the front man had infamous breakdown in Barcelona which led to lots of internet hate. I for one thought their music is more obnoxious than good, but I have to admit, Wavves is So Catchy. Irony level: 10/10.

Metric – Sick Muse

Honestly, I was a little disappointed with the new Metric. It’s um, well… I’ll let you decide. Sorry Emily Haines, I still love your solo stuff though.


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    […] Bloggable Music Vids. By Corey Caudill So you posted some nice, hip, music tunes this week Everett. But let me through some oldies in the mix. Here are some tracks that I’ve been […]

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