My god…AT&T, what have you done?


4chan-logoYou realize what you’ve done, right? You’ve basically thrown a rock at a hive of really angry hornets. Turns out that AT&T has taken offense to some of the material on 4chan. Namely /b/ and /r9k/, and cause of this they have blocked the site from their subscribers. Nice going, guys.

If anyone knows anything about 4chan it’s that the site isn’t the best place in the world. Large portions of the site are uncontrolled and the sites followers have been responsible for all sorts of public disturbances. Which now AT&T has to deal with. In the past years the internet has seen the rise of /b/. Protesting various things, especially Scientology.

With this latest hit to the Anonymous, AT&T has brought the wrath of /b/ upon its head. How will /b/ fight back? There has already been a call for mass phone calls to AT&T stores, service lines and other forms of communication. The reasoning behind the blocking may be 4chan’s fault in itself. The unruliness of Anon and their disregard for decency may have instigated the block. No one is really for sure as of yet.

The bigger issue is the fact that AT&T is blocking content from their paying customers. Net Neutrality has become a big issue lately. Companies have talked about allowing sites to pay them to allow their sites exclusive access and block others, or just slow the traffic down to the sites that don’t pay. If this is allowed then that would mean that the internet would just become another commercial in our already commercialized world.

Good luck AT&T, I sure hope you know what you’re doing.


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