1977’s Hausu is roughly translated WTF: The Movie


I think I have stumbled upon the holy grail of crazy, something so absurd that the mere mention of it can drive a man mad. The beast is known as the 1977 Japanese film called House (Hausu). I have not yet seen the film in its entirety but I have seen many clips of it on youtube. What I have seen has filled my imagination with enough shock and horror to haunt me, waking up at night screaming covered in cold sweat.

I warn you watch these videos WILL disturb you, no if and or buts, meaning NSFW! Stuff is not liable for any mental damage done.

Let me set up the movie. It was directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi who originally did commercials for Mandom cologne featuring Charles Bronson.

Here is one of those commercials.

Everything seems pretty normal here…..right?

Now let us begin with the trailer which will give us a basic idea of the movie and its’ fuckedupness.

I wish someone could explain the hippy music video half way through but unfortunately science has not progressed that far. Did you see the cat painting vomiting blood, keep that in mind we will return to that.

Alright here we are about to see the house attacking some teenage girls who went to visit one of their Aunts, if you want to know the plot read the wikipedia. I guarantee you it still won’t make sense.

So the house attacks them and they cut to a Ultraman battle sequence with a lamp shade that is preceded by the girl to get electrocuted and made into mannequin parts that start jumping around. If that wasn’t crazy enough a portrait of a cat starts vomiting blood. Then more blood. Then more blood. This scene makes Texas Chainsaw Massacre look like Sesame Street.

This next clip is probably the weirdest thing ever. So one of the girls dads goes looking for her and so he stops to ask a kindly old rustic hillbilly for help.

Banana? If your mind isn’t blown away by the glowing cartoon skeleton then the musical halfway through should have done the job.

Last but not least is the piano death scene. It needs no set up because it is as the name implies. PIANO DEATH SCENE

Seizure causing cats, Technicolor pianos, and even more mannequin limbs, what more could we ask for. Oh yeah a killer piano that sexually arouses its victims. In the beginning of this clip keep an eye out for a dancing skeleton in the background, its major lulz. Also notice the cross eyed girl next to a fish bowl for even more giggles.  By lulz and giggles I mean confusing and disturbing pain. Pain that will never relent, pain that will torment you past the grave.

According to Wikipedia the movie House was an idea given to Obayashi by his seven year old daughter. I can’t even explain the things that have to be wrong with that seven year old girl. In summary this movie is a giant step forward for surreal horror or a giant step backwards in the evolution of mankind. I hope you enjoyed.

All clips courtesy of TOHO films Japan, Info from Wikipedia.org


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