New Resident Evil movie IN 3D!!!


2792406_mainYes, it’s true. The Resident Evil movie franchise is still going strong. Resident Evil: Afterlife will be the fourth movie in the series and its introduction into 3D.

Yup, 3D Resident Evil movie. Plus Paul W.S. Anderson is writing, producing AND directing this one. He hasn’t done that since the first one, he only wrote and produced the others.

He also makes mention that he will be using the same camera technology that James Cameron is using in Avatar. Will it destroy our minds like people think Avatar will? Probably not…but hey! 3D Mila Jovich Army!

Anderson also mentions that this will be the start of a new RE trilogy. Stating that the first three movies are one trilogy and the next three will be another. So expect 2 more movies out of this franchise in the future.

Source: Shock Till You Drop


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