Alcohol Test Application for your iPhone


Finally someone made a useful application. Called Walk the Line this one will let you know if you are too drunk to text, drive, bike or update your twitter. Although not quite a breathalyzer this one will at least give you an idea of how much you’ve had and a good guestimate of where you are on the legal limit. This application was created by the beer company Grolsch to promote safe concert experiences.

Hopefully this will decrease the amount of drunken ass holes at concerts but most likely not, those guys will most likely continue to scream Freebird no matter what. Over all it’s a good idea but it is really just promoting Grolsch which is a beer and alcoholic. I would like to see an app made with more science and research than I think a beer company is willing to invest. But any attempt to decrease drunken driving or misconduct is still welcomed.

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