Splosion Man: If Michael Bay made a game


E3_SplosionMan_TitleLogoThe best way to sum this game up is a quote said to me by a guy I play Xbox Live with. “It’s like setting a [mentally challenged person] loose in a science lab and giving him the ability to explode…” Yeah, this game is pretty sweet.

I picked up Splosion Man from Xbox Live Arcade today. It’s your basic platforming problem solver, but with an explosive twist (too much?). You play as Splosion Man, a science experiment born of fire and plasma. Your mission is to escape the underground lab, blowing up anything in your path!

The controls are fairly simple. X button, SPLODE, Y button, SPLODE, A button, SPLODE, B button…well you get the point. There is a self destruct button that will kill you and allow you to restart from the last checkpoint, but I haven’t encountered a need for it yet. Sploding makes you jump, you can splode 3 times in a row before you need to recharge and you can only recharge when not in the air.

Splosion Man - Screen 03

The gameplay is quite similar to N+, in a platform jumping, watch out for obstacles, sort of way. Along with platforming you can collect cakes. They add points to your score and once you get them all you get an achievement. The game also has co-op story mode, and other online games for up to 4 people.

The style of the game is quite simple. It’s a 2-d side scrolling platformer with 3-d elements. The section of the game I’ve seen is the underground lab, I’m not sure if there are others yet. It looks like they did a cross section of the level to give you the side scrolling appearance. I haven’t hit a level as difficult as some in N+, but I’m not all the way through it yet.

Splosion Man - Screen 07

Splosion Man‘s humor is ridiculous. Each explosion is met with gibberish or a one liner, then when running down a straight path he puts his arms out and makes airplane noises, and when you blow someone up they turn into meat; no not gory meat, just meat. I’ve seen the scientists explode into steaks, rib racks, and ham.

Splosion Man - Screen 05

It also has a few bonuses. Doing certain things in the game will unlock gamerpics, and even includes a Splosion Man premium theme! This game is said to include avatar props related to the game. Avatar props are expected to be included in the next Xbox Live update.

Personally, I’m enjoying this game. The humor and gameplay are the shining force in this title. Give it a shot, the demo is up on XBLA and you can buy it for 800 points.

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