Guess who’s directing the World of Warcraft movie


world-of-warcraft-logoI know who’s going to direct it! Do you? Well if you were reading Ain’t it Cool News you would already know, but why go to them. We are just as cool!

AICN has released exclusive info on the new director of the World of Warcraft movie it’s Darkman and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi. My question is, how do you direct a movie about a game that doesn’t really have a set story. It has lore and everything, but the story really comes from the player playing the game. It’s about their adventure in this world… of war and crafting… stuff…

They could take the lore and make a movie from that or it could just be a story set in that universe, something brand new. That way no toes get stepped on, the fans aren’t upset about the story, the game world is still intact, and you can have pretty much free roam to work on this.

Source: Ain’t it Cool News


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