Stuff’s $20 Box of Comics for July 22!


Attn: Marvel, stop dropping 8,000 titles every week! You are making it hard for this fan boy to pay rent. But don’t worry budgeting true believers, I set up a solid list of titles this week to hold you over till the next. Here is Stuff’s $20 Box of Comics.

Amazing Spider-Man #600 $4.99

– 4.99 seems pretty steep but you are getting 104 pages of original content. This bad boy includes additional stories from today’s hot writers and artists; even a new story by Stan Lee himself! This issue sees the return of Doc Ock, an appearance by Daredevil, and a wedding that is not to be missed. There are also 3 other covers, but I picked the Alex Ross cover because look at it, its so awesome.

Captain Britain and MI:13 #15 $2.99

– Here is the big conclusion! With Dracula marching his forces in to Britain, will what’s left of MI:13 be able to fend him off and what exactly is Doom’s part in all of this? Unfortunately this really is the last issue, since Captain has gotten canceled. Why? I’m not really sure, but I do know there are a lot of people who are upset that this series is canceled.

Guardians of the Galaxy #16 $2.99

– In this issue Star Lord leads his team on a mission to save the universe from imploding, again! With the Shi’ar and Kree battling it out can the Guardians put an end to this war or will they just be caught in the cross fire. This is such a good series, if you haven’t been keeping up you should definitely try to. Funny and entertaining from beginning to end.

Kick-Ass #7 $2.99

– Kick-Ass is every bit of what the cover suggests; brootal. With the cliff hanger that the last issue ended with, we see what happens to the Father/Daughter assassin team, and what that means for Kick-Ass! This is another great series from Mark Millar and has already been picked up to be a major motion picture.

Ms. Marvel #42 $2.99

-Moonstone (new Ms. Marvel) takes on the New Avengers plus one in the streets of Los Angeles. Who is the plus one? Hint: Look at the right side of the cover. Still can’t tell? GO BUY IT!

New Avengers #55 $3.99

-Dog pile! Good thing the guy with the admantium skeleton is at the bottom. One of the The Hood’s members has found a way to render the Avengers powerless, creating a major turning point for Dark Reign. Also, the new Sorcerer Supreme starts his training from an unlikely source.

Nova #27 $2.99

-It’s raining centurions! Richard Ryder (new Nova Prime) leads the remaining Nova Corps into battle to help save the remaining novice Corps still stuck in the front line. Most importantly he’s hoping to find his brother, Robbie Ryder, who is currently MIA. But this is no easy task with danger coming from all sides by Blastaar, Ravenous, Strontian, and the Praetorians. This is not an issue to miss.

That leaves us at… 23.93!

A very hard week to slim down. A lot of titles had to be cut out which leads me to my next bit. I decided to give this post a cleaner layout since I’ve added the Cut List, and the If I Had the Money titles. The Cut List are the titles I usually would get (and I probably will, or at least leave in my box for a later date), but I had to “cut” to meet the $20 dollar limit. If I had the money covers titles and trade paper backs that I think look good but just can’t afford.

The Cut List

  • Atomic Robo and the Shadow From Beyond Time #3 (Hilarious, witty, and one of my favorites)
  • Black Panther #6 (new Black Panther vs. Morlun)
  • Guerillas #5 (Vietnam platoon of soldier monkeys, seriously, it’s good)
  • Incredible Hercules #131 (Herc and Amadeus split?!)
  • War of Kings: Ascension #4 (Finale! Can Darkhawk regain control?) [update] This comes out week of July 29!
  • Wolverine Origins #38 (Enter Omega Red!)
  • X-Force #17 (Everything that was happening pre-Messiah War)

If I had the money I would pick up these other titles: Dark Wolverine #76, Deadpool: Suicide Kings #4, Dethklok vs. The Goon, Immortal Weapons: Fat Cobra #1, Marvel 1985 TPB, Project Superpowers Chapter Two #1, and Runaways #12 .

That’s it for this week. I don’t know about you but it looks good. As always check your local comic shop (like Velocity comics in Richmond VA!) and get yo fix! Think I missed a few? Leave a comment!

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