Game Spy’s new Left 4 Dead 2 preview


l4d2Game Spy has a sweet exclusive preview of Valve’s newest zombie shooter, “Left 4 Dead 2.” The title needs more numbers, but the footage looks sweet.

Game Spy has a couple videos up as well. The first one features a swamp level. In the write up they talk about the level, it’s wide open. Meaning there is little to almost no place to put your back up against the wall and camp. Looks like people will have to redo their tactics. Along with just seeing the level we get to see some of the melee weapons in action.

It still looks like the L4D we are all used to. The characters glow when behind something, and the effects seem to be the same as well. The HUD got a visual update, but overall looks the same. One of the added special infected is talked about in the piece. The “Spitter” which does…pretty much what the name says. It hocks a big wad of damaging zombie spit into your group. It’s purpose is to send you scattering away from the attack and out of harms way, but at the same time split the team up.

The last video shows part of an underpass level. A field of abandoned cars, some with alarms and some without. We all know what happens when the alarm goes off on one of those. You yell at the jerk that shot it, then prepare for the hoard. Can you imagine hitting 3 cars at once? Would that summon 3 different hoards at the same time?

There was also talk about Ammo Packs and Adrenaline Packs. They would take the place of your pills and first aid. This would drastically change the way you play. Usually 4 people grab health and that one is for you. With these new items there will be mix and match teams, hopefully offering a new strategic level to the game.

Left 4 Dead 2 is expected to release in November 2009.

Source: Game Spy


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