Where yo 3D glasses at?



The DVD for Coraline comes out today which I am pretty excited about. I have always been a fan of Neil Gaiman and I am glad to see him transition more of his work to film. I loved the movie Coraline for its stunning visuals and intense story. The DVD is being released in 3D and comes with those nifty 3D glasses; hopefully this will add to the movie’s dynamic visuals.

The only thing I have against Coraline is why Coraline? Neil Gaiman has so many other more interesting books and graphic novels. Coraline just seemed to me like a crowd pleaser something the whole family could enjoy. But when has Gaiman been a mass appeal person. Novels such as American Gods and Neverwhere scream of angst against the mainstream. So why has Gaiman chosen the route of making childrens movies such as Stardust and Coraline? While they are extremely enjoyable they aren’t what the true fan desires.

We can only hope that Gaiman isn’t shying away from his Neo-Gothic roots and is making the blockbusters so he can do what fans like me want to see. Can I say Sandman? Or even something that would reach wider audiences such as Good Omens; I would kill to see Crowley on the silver screen.

Coraline is a definite purchase and keep holding on to hope that with this purchase you are buying the future rights to more adult movies by Gaiman.

picture courtesy of Focus Features


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