Aliens used to simulate the imagination of kids


aliensOnly thing is instead of opening their mind… they scared the bejesus out of them! Did no one hear about what happened when War of the Worlds was on the radio?

Teachers at Southway Junior School in Burgess Hill, West Sussex (psst… that’s in Britain) staged an alien spaceship crash in their school yard. An announcement was made to the students to “follow the trail of debris.” Once the group of students had gathered around the ship, they staged an abduction of one of their teachers.

Their staged abduction to stimulate kids’ imaginations backfired. Lots of them were horrified, borderline traumatized. To make it worse, the Sussex police department HELPED STAGE THE CRASH!!! Some went home and told their parents totally convinced the crash was real. I wish traumatizing things like this would’ve happened when I was in school…

Source: Telegraph


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