Name that band: Alice in Wonderland edition


au revoire simone

It’s time to play my favorite game again; the game where we try to figure out what type of music a band plays with out actually listening to them. Last time we took a look at electro duo Telepathe, this time we’re going to get a little more ‘meaningful’.

This band is not as obvious as Telepathe. They have enough members to include live drums but I don’t think that’s their thing. They have one too many members for an acoustic guitar duo, so I think they probably have synthesizers, samples, and maybe something ‘crazy’ like an autoharp or xylophone. This picture could either mean they see the world in a differently (via drugs) or they are just fun and quirky. But I think their matching red leggings say they’re not ‘down for something crazy’ and that they ‘get high on life’. They’re probably down for chilling in the library though.

au revoire simone

Their name is in French but they are probably American and have English songs. I think some of their lyrics are about flowers blooming in winter, birds singing about agnosticism, and literature by Lewis Carrol. They probably are featured on the soundtrack for quirky indie movies like Juno. If they created a sub genre of indie pop, it would be quirky-meaningful. This band is probably useful for young adults who are trapped in suburbia and are trying to find themselves. Pitchfork probably gave their first album a 4.0 since they lack irony, but later gave them a solid 7.5.

An album cover would probably look like this:

What do ya’ll think?

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2 Responses to “Name that band: Alice in Wonderland edition”

  1. Kevin Lee Says:

    Ménage à trois. There is 3 of them right?

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    […] That Band: Edward Scissorhands edition By Everett Turner Last time we got a little dreamy with Au Revoire Simone, which actually turned out to be a pretty cool band. […]

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