It’s Blitz! album review


it's blitz! Remember Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Well they remember you and they’re back with a new album.

I always thought the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were a fun band, and I guess that’s how I feel about the new album. They’ve dropped a lot of the minimalistic and acoustic styles found in Fever to Tell and Show Your Bones, respectively. It’s Blitz still sounds like YYYs but it explores more synthy and electronic sounds. It seems like every indie rock band these days are incorporating shoegaze elements, I love it. Half of the album is pretty great, I could listen to tracks like Zero and Heads Will Roll over and over again. But overall it’s nothing we haven’t really heard before. It really sounds like the latest TV on the Radio album (Dear Science) if Karen O was the lead singer, which isn’t really a surprise since TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek helped produce it. But it’s definitely an album worth checking out, Dear Science was a good album after all. And I’m not sure why but it just feels good to be listening to Yeah Yeah Yeahs again.

7 stuffs out of 10

On sale at insound


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