2P Press Start: Marvel Ultimate Alliance



2p press start is a new ongoing post on the blog that we review and explore the world of cooperative play in games.

Yes I know Marvel Ultimate Alliance isn’t the first game that you think of when you think co op play, but we decided to play this game for the fact that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is coming out and we totally forgot about our experience with the first one.

Players: Joe Ruckert and Nick Towers

Joe: The co op in this game reminds me of playing in the arcade with the press start and go. There is even a mode in the game called Arcade mode.

Nick: The game feels a lot like the old x-men 8 player arcade game without the pumping in quarters. It’s the arcade feel without the hassle of quarters.

Joe: Yes I felt the same way. It’s an arcade beat em up.

Nick: It’s an arcade beat em up with RPG elements, which I liked.

Joe: The problem is the pace of the game gets broken up with each person trying to upgrade their own character.

Nick: I liked the RPG elements because it made you want to get stronger.

Joe: The game makes you feel more individual with the player choosing the placement of the powers.

Nick: The powers let you individualize your play style. You played Captain America and used his boost move which made the team stronger and I used Nightcrawler and used his speed and overall damaging powers.

Joe: Each character has their own play style.

Nick: Playing Nightcrawler with his speed and then switching to Venom with his slower tank like approach made it feel awkward, but made you adapt to new characters.

Joe: Which isn’t a bad thing.

Nick: Yea, I know what they were going for. The individualization of the characters was accomplished.

Joe: There were also a lot of bugs and glitches in the game.

Nick: Like sound cutting off.

Joe: Character glitches and some bad camera placement.

Nick: Animation glitches also. I had a problem with one of Venom’s moves.

Joe: I remember that with the move still doing the animation while you were moving. What were your final thoughts?

Nick: I recommend it for a good co op experience. You can play it online which has a lot of replay. It’s a decent beat em up. With 33 characters there are a ton of possibilities.

Joe: With the amount the characters you can play, the game will have a different approach every time and customizing your team will keep you playing.

Tell us your thoughts of the game! and any suggestions of other Co op games that you thought were good ones.


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